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Shakuhachi for Composers
September 21, 2018
Shepherd School of Music, 6100 Main St., Houston, TX, 77005
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Shakuhachi Live
November 18, 2018
14 Pews, 800 Aurora St., Houston, TX 77009
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Dance & Music from Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble, Houston Composers Salon & The Core Trio

Friday & Saturday June 26 & 27, 2015 at 8 p.m.
Studio 101 Theatre, Spring Street Studios
1824 Spring Street, Houston, TX 77007
Tickets: $10 At the Door (cash or check)/$9 online at
Parking is free in the Spring Street Studios Parking Lot.

The Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble & the Houston Composers Salon present the first ever Big Two-Hearted Festival, new dance and music to inspire your summer at an affordable price!

Choreography by Michele Brangwen & Music by Tim Hagans

“One of Houston’s top ten choreographers” – Houston Press
“One of the most influential voices in modern jazz.” – Village Voice

The program features the premiere of SKAMATO, a ska influenced work for dancers, trumpet, sax, tuba, bass and drums, that celebrates the vine ripened, non-GMO tomato, featuring choreography by Michele Brangwen and music by Tim Hagans. In NO STANDING ANY TIME, 3 dancers and 3 musicians explore the nocturnal work between dreams, with sections of improvisation by all performers.

Music by Thomas Helton & Aaron Bielish

“An agenda of decisive interdeterminacy, within the lineage of jazz’s post 1960’s-avant-garde.” – New York Times

The Core Trio premieres TOXIC, new music inspired by Ornette Coleman, by its leader Thomas Helton. Adventurous and innovative, in EYEMUSIC IV, The Core Trio performs music at the boundaries of art and sound by Aaron Bielish.

We wanted to offer tickets at affordable prices, with the idea that even in these difficult economic times, art is for everyone!

If you would like to support us, Patron Tickets are also available online and at the door: $20 (Admission plus $10 donation).

These performances are supported in part by Dance Source Houston‘s Micro Grant program.


Houston Composers Salon Spring Concert

Houston Composers Salon (HCS) is featuring ensemble pieces by Chapman Welch, Charles Halka, and Seth Paynter in their 2015 Spring Concert on March 22nd at Cullen Recital Hall, University of St. Thomas.

HCS values diverse genre of music and arts. In this concert, they present Liminal Space Contemporary Music Ensemble (guitarist/composer George Heathco and percussionist Luke Hubley) performing Chapman Welch’s Flow Structure along with Charles Halka’s Kegrugolee. Also, Darryl Bayer (Music Director of The Woodlands Symphony Orchestra) will perform Halka’s Hittorf (solo trumpet), and composer Seth Paynter will be premiering his new composition Isospin for tenor saxophone and piano with Hsin-Jung Tsai.

Join HCS’s Spring Concert and enjoy a splendid feast of hearing.

Date and Time: Sunday, March 22nd, 6:00 pm.
Location: Cullen Recital Hall, University of St. Thomas
4001 Mt. Vernon, Houston, TX 77006

Chapman Welch: Flow Structure for electric guitar and marimba
George Heathco, eletric guitar
Luke Hubley, marimba
Charles Halka: Kegrugolee for electric guitar and marimba
George Heathco, electri guitar
Luke Hubley, marimba
Charles Halka: Hittorf for solo trumpet
Darryl Bayer, trumpet
Seth Paynter: Isospin for tenor saxophone and piano

I) Rho 1
II) Pion 1
III) Rho 2
V) Rho 3
Seth Paynter, tenor saxophone
Hsin-Jung Tsai, piano

The Houston Composers Salon is proud to present for their Fall Concert:

Hsin-Jung Tsai (Taipei)
Robert Boston (NY)
Matthew Shipp (NY)

Cullen Hall
University of St. Thomas

November 23, 2014, 6pm

$10 Suggested donation, students free

Join us for our summer concert featuring local composers Joe LoCascio and Daniel Zajicek as well as Austin bassist/composer Brent Fariss.

July 27, 2014
Cullen Hall
University of St. Thomas
$5 suggested donation

Daniel Zajicek
Suite Bassel (2014)
-Ben Lind – voice
-Karl Fulbright – alto sax
-Thomas Helton – bass
-Luke Lubley – drums
-Chapman Welch – guitar

Joe LoCascio
Ambient Monster Games (2014)
-Thomas Helton – bass

Crossing (2014)
-Richard Nunemaker – clarinet

Brent Fariss
Pharmacy (2014)
-Hsin-Jung Tsai – piano

Three Tableaux (2014)
Misha Penton – soprano
– Bob Chadwick – bass flute
– Thomas Helton – tuba

November 03, 2013
14 Pews
800 Aurora Street
Houston, TX 77009
(281) 888-9677

14 PewsCome join us November 3rd from 6:00pm – 8:00pm for our next Salon – and the formal launch of the recently renamed Houston Composers SalonEnjoy compositions written by members of the HCS Leadership Team, and enjoy complimentary beverages provided by our sponsors.

You will also have the opportunity to speak with various Houston composers and performers. We look forward to seeing you there!


Special thanks to Karbach Brewery who have been kind enough to provide some of the beverages that will be available.


Salon #09,
August 30, 2013
HCC Spring Branch
Moderated by Professor Ryan Gabbart

  1.  Thomas Helton: Unconfirmed
    Performer: Richard Nunemaker (clarinet)
  2. Joe LoCascio: 5 movements from “13 for Piano”
    Performer: Hsin-Jung Tsai
  3. Andrew Seifert: The Bass’s Mechanical Heart Collapses Under Emotional Pressure
    Performers: Thomas Helton and Andrew Seifert (bass)
  4. Eddie Lewis: Body, Soul and Spirit
    Performers: Eddie Lewis, trumpet
    John Goode, trumpet
    Alex Lewis, trumpet
    Thomas Helton, tuba

Salon8Salon #08
June 10, 2013
HCC Spring Branch

  1. Thomas Helton: Indifferent
    Performers:  Martin Langford – clarinet
    Doug Wright – clarinet
    Karl Fulbright – clarinet
    Richard Nunemaker- bass clarinet
    Thomas Helton- double bass
  2. Thomas Helton: Clever
    Performers: Will Samson-tuba
    Ryan Gabbart-trombone
    Thomas Helton- doublebass
    Joe Slezak – drums
  3. Seth Paynter: Water Buckets
    Performers: Seth Paynter- tenor sax
    Martin Langford- clarinet
    Karl Fulbright – clarinet
    Richard Nunemaker – bass clarinet
    Thomas Helton- doublebass
    Joe Slezak – drums
  4. Stephen Montgomery: Lulu by Carlight
    Performer: Stephan Badreaux – guitar
  5. Ben Patterson: Variations for Double Bass
    Performer: Damon Smith (double bass)

Salon7Salon #07
April 4th, 2013
HCC Spring Branch

  1.  Jack Gottlieb: Two Blues on poems of Tennessee Williams (“Kitchen Door Blues” and “Gold Tooth Blues,” 1954)  for mezzo-soprano and clarinet
    Performers: Lainie Diamond (mezzo soprano) and Richard Nunemaker (clarinet)
  2. Seth Paynter: Miasma Interlopers for saxophones and double bass
    Performers: Seth Paynter (saxophone) and Thomas Helton (double bass)
  3. Stephen Yip: Fung Bridge in the Night for solo piano
    Performer: Pam Connolly (piano)
  4. Chris Becker and Woody Witt: Space City Suite for laptop and saxophones
    Performers: Chris Becker (laptop) and Woody Witt (saxophones)

Salon6Salon #06
November 15th, 2012
HCC Spring Branch

  1. Hsin-Jung Tsai: Incarnations for double bass
    Performer: Thomas Helton
  2. Thomas Helton: FU&THYRIO for two bass clarinets and double bass
    Performers:  Martin Langford, Karl Fulbright (bass clarinets)
    Thomas Helton, double bass
  3. Stephen Yip: HUI for flute
    Performer: Izumi Miyahara (flute)

Salon5Salon #05
October 25th, 2012
HCC Spring Branch

  1. George Heathco: Pianomophone for piano
    Performer: Hsin-Jung Tsai
  2. J. Todd Frazier: Meditation of Passage for violin, cello, and piano
    Performers: Trio Oriens
  3. Doug Falk: Infinite Jest for piano
    Performer: Hsin-Jung Tsai
  4. Paul Connolly: My Mind Is Full My Heart Is Heavy, for poetry and electronics
    Performer: Paul Connolly

Salon4Salon #04
September 23rd, 2012
HCC Spring Branch

  1. Hsin-Jung Tsai: Spirit of the Earth for solo flute
    Performer: Joshua Hahn (flute)
  2. Adam Goodwin: Remnants of Ouroboros for solo bass
    Performer: Adam Goodwin
  3. Adam Goodwin, Thomas Helton, Damon Smith, and Andrew Seifert: Three Short Pieces for Bass Quartet
    Performers: Adam Goodwin, Thomas Helton, Damon Smith and Andrew Seifert
  4. Joe LoCascio:  Make Whatever of Me You Desire , Tessa Rowe  for mezzo soprano and piano
    Performers: Lainie Diamond (mezzo soprano) and Hsin-Jung Tsai

Salon3Salon #03
August 19th, 2012
HCC Spring Branch

  1. Hsin-Jung Tsai: Allatonceness for Flute and Tape
    Performer: Joshua Hahn (flute)
  2. Joshua Hahn: Vocal Crisis for Flute and Live Electronics
    Performer: Joshua Hahn (flute)
  3. Paul Connolly: The Quiet Persistence of Memory for Solo Viola
    Performer: Aaron Bielish
  4. Paul Connolly: Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children Prerecorded soundscape
    Performer: Paul Connolly
  5. Chris Becker: Lawrence Street Prerecorded soundscape
    Performer: Chris Becker

Salon #02
July 15th, 2012
HCC Spring Branch

  1. Hsin-Jung Tsai: Longing to be Free
    Performers: Lainie Diamond and Hsin-Jung Tsai
  2. Doug Falk: Collage
    Performers: Thomas Helton and Hsin-Jung Tsai
  3. Joe LoCascio: Pieces 8 and 12 from 13 for Piano
    Performer: Hsin-Jung Tsai
  4. Seth Paynter: Waltz for Saxophone
    Performer: Seth Paynter
  5. Francis Poulenc: Hôtel
    Performers: Lainie Diamond and Hsin-Jung Tsai

June 3rd, 2012
HCC Spring Branch

  1. Thomas Helton: Zen Lunatics
    Performers: Chris Becker and Hsin-Jung Tsai
  2. Thomas Helton: for solo Tuba (title?)
    Performer: William Samson
  3. Woody Witt: (piece??)
    Performer: Woody Witt
  4. Chris Becker: (??)
    Performer: Chris Becker and Stephan Badreau (classical guitar)